Titan Quest and SecurRom Issues

Ok, hi guys, I am somewhat new to the scene so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I just got titan quest, and I am having problems getting it to run. I have tried mounting with DT 4.0.3 with SecurRom on and also with SecurRom Hider and SR loader… SR loader works better than the SR hider, When i use hider it says that a required security measure is not being met, but when i use SR loader it passes security, but tells me to insert the real disc instead of a backup, what step am I missing here to get this to work?

What should I do?

Pls help!

If anyone is really good with this stuff and wouldn’t mind contacting me Via MSN my MSN username is BTBJ9129@hotmail.com

Just use CureROM 2.0.2 az an antiblacklisting program.

But, when I use CureRom 2.0.2, its gives me an error, saying : virtual memort must be enabled to play the game

@ Bryan9129 and Elvortay

Does the game run properly from your original discs?

I dont have an original disc

Then all your answers are Here

Read that first then go buy the game.

Ok thanks

Hello i have imaged the game and using all above and it plays, well when i say it plays it plays for a litlle bit and than it kicks me back to the desktop

it has been updated so it has net play how ever iam not sure if this is cousing the game to crush.

dose any one know what may be doing it or how to stop it?
any help would be mostly helpful thanks again.