Tissues or Handkerchiefs?

Since the end of the world failed to be dished up on a silver plate, courtesy of the avian bird flu, it begs the question?

Which will you choose … tissues or handkerchieves?

End of the world … choose your … err … weapon.

Loo roll!

Ugh, sniff’n’swallow…that’s gross even for you LOL :bigsmile:

Good heavens, what on earth are you suggesting? :eek:

I’ll leave that to your vivid imagination, dear :bigsmile:

I’m posh, so it has to be tissues. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL what happen to picking your nose? I know everyone has seen this at least once in your life. LOL any ways I usually use the chinese method but I am from the south and a hick moreless.

My underwear on my head of course.

When I read the topic title, I was expecting something… well, [B]different[/B] than this :slight_smile: :bigsmile:

Why my good man, tissues of course! Toilet paper is acceptable as a urgent replacement but those hankys are appauling! Lots of tissues! Shipping containers of them!

I agree with Dee…i prefer tissues…after all they haven’t made them recycleable …yet!

And fellows, we know what you do with them! :iagree:

No offense meant dude, but you ARE crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

“Handkerchiefs” vs Handkerchieves"

Regardless of the correct spelling I prefer to use the more commonly used term (in Aus at least) of hankie. :wink:

There was a few options missing from the poll debro. Here’s a few suggestions for possible inclusion:

Pick & Flick
Pick & Lick
Snort & Spit
Pick & Pocket

I’m sure there’s a few more equally gross methods some people use. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Already Taken gets the “Gross-Out of the Week” award with that post :bigsmile:

And yes, I prefer “hankie” too

Hankies for show, tissues to blow

any one been to good old South Africa.

Then You Havent seen the BIG sniff and SPIT

Our Goverment is now trying new by laws for 2010 :smiley:

I supect we can stick the whole sniff & spit into the Blow it out all over the ground option.

Well … there ya are wandering around china … gorgeous girls everywhere … then … they look like they’re about to scratch their nose … then do the funky suck your gut in … and then … a 4foot waterfall of snot comes out. Ewwwww.

You know… :sad: that makes me want to cry…and Ive always liked Chinese Ladies…now i have this image of Niagra Falls in my head…

It’s certainly not a tourist attraction for the faint of heart …
I’ve heard worse stories about china … starting with the special pants for young kids … pull the string, and a flap at the rear drops down … and they do it just about anywhere … so I’m told … on the footpath, on the road, anywhere the manager isn’t fast enough to throw them out …

Someone else’s tissues


IMHO - there isn’t [B][I][U]any[/U][/I][/B] substitute for Bounty paper towels - they last a good three months and they will quickly absorb any body fluid-eh!

(put them out in the sun for about an hour - and they are good to go again - can even be washed out-eh!)