Tissue paper with Clamshell CD case for Blank media

I recently brought 10 Clam shell CD cases. They look like this —> http://www.cd-dvd-supplies.com/images/clamshell.jpg

i burnt a few DVD audio data and stored them in the clam shell case. After a week i see this very minor scratches (not noticeable) and i haven’t even moved the case at all for 2 whole weeks!

so recently i took a tissue paper and placed it between where the plastic and the disk surface meet. So like the thin tissue paper is sandwiched between the plastic and the disk surface so that the plastic doesn’t come in contact with it. Will placing a thin tissue (very very thin!) between cause any damage to the disc? hope my question was vague enough

or should i just move on to Paper Sleeves? I am archiving all my music , so yea. The tissue between the plastic , is safe? or not?