Tiscali refutes BPI claims of demanding closure of 17 accounts

I just posted the article Tiscali refutes BPI claims of demanding closure of 17 accounts.

 Just a few  days ago, there was news reported about the British Phonographic Industry demanding Tiscali and  Cable & Wireless to suspend 59 customer accounts which they found to be sharing ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12083-Tiscali-refutes-BPI-claims-of-demanding-closure-of-17-accounts.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12083-Tiscali-refutes-BPI-claims-of-demanding-closure-of-17-accounts.html)

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17 Tiscali customers have been illegally downloading music but only able to provided evidence about one customer. Says it all really but they will have to get a court order for the customers information as by law in the UK under the data protection act 1998? you can’t just hand it out whenever someone wants there own way.
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17 (or 1 proven) hardly is “industrial scale”. BPI must be taking a cue from the RIAA… look how well throwing around accusations and lies, and tossing lawsuits and people indiscriminantly, has worked for them! Woot!

Who the hell uaes KaZaa ? The fastTrack network is rife with malware and fakes. What a waste of time.

First, I think you mean “refutes” not “refuts”. Second, again, BPI has evidence that one subscriber was/is engaged in piracy, however, has this subscriber been convicted or at least a court order issued to stop the person from using the internet until a court case could resolve BPI’s claims? Until then, the ISP should not revoke the account.

From what I can tell they have a screen shot of a share drive but they do not have evidence of downloading from any accounts.