Tired of re-buying games! :(



Ok, so I spend a LOT of money on PC Games. Which I don’t mind. I love to play 'em. Problem is, my kids love to play them, too. Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart to buy (no joking) our THIRD copy of The Sims. The previous two were ruined by scratches.

I’ve nevery really copied games, 'cause I don’t mind buying them for myself. I took a picture of the games I could easily reach on top of my computer desk and threw them on the floor to take a quick picture to attach. I wanted to prove I’m not some thief trying to learn how to steal games. This is only a tiny sample of the games we’ve purchased just for our PCs - never mind for our Xbox and Wii.

What I’m asking for is help, if any of you know how, of how to BACK UP the games I purchased. That way when my kids scratch Heroes of Might and Magic V, I won’t blow a gasket at having to blow another $50 to buy it again.

I own CloneCD (purchased it an AnyDVD) and I downloaded Daemon Tools, but I can’t figure out, for example, how do I either copy or make an image and play from that of Civilization IV?

Thanks so much for any assistance! :slight_smile:

The image below is all the games I happen to have on my desk right now…


Provided the games you’re using are protected by Securerom or Safedisc, I would recommend using http://www.gamejackal.com/home.asp

The profiles used tend to be much smaller than Alchohol 120% or Daemon Tools, and Gamejackal is very easy to learn and does not require third party virtual drive hider programs in order to work.

Try the free trial. You won’t be copying games, but you will be able to play them without the orginal discs in your system.


Thanks Web slinger…

I was on the slysoft page yesterday updating anydvd and never noticed the new gamejackal…

It’s something that will help me as well as I have the same problem.

I’ll definitely will be trying it out…

I might have missed it but maybe a new announcement about it at the top of CD freaks???