Tips tweaking a drive

hi all, sorry for the noobish post but i’d really appreciate some input here. im looking to tweak my drive to produce the best quality burns possible, i dont really care to much about speed. i am currently using an ldw 451s crossflashed to 851s. i dont remember the original 851s firmware i had on it but it was one from code guys. i have since reflashed with cg5g ran through omnipatcher and left with the default settings. as i stated above im looking for good quality burns not neccisarily speedy ones. should i reset my learnt media? anything else anyone would reccomend? thanks in advance guys,

CG5G is the best for quality burns. what media are you using? liteon’s like MCC, RICOHJPN and TY best. make a kprobe scan @4x and post the results.

here is a kprobe scan.

looks very bad…

you should better use +r media. also reset learnt media with the eeprom util:

could be a bad batch of discs or the laser is dying…

well, i’ve tried this burner with various media (ritek g04 mini’s, cmc ae1, and prodiscS03) and various firmware (original, etc, etc) and tried reseting my learned media, and i get about the same results everytime. i guess my laser is dying. i’ve had this burner about a year and made about 400-500 burns with it. only recently have they started turning out bad. i guess its time to get a new burner. im looking at an LG gsa 4163b. (whats the difference between the 4163b, 4163bi, 4163bb, and 4163bk? im guessing one is retail, one is oem, one is black, but what is the other?) anyway what are your openions on this. im looking for good compatibility with -r media. thanks agian,

why -R? if you booktype +R media to dvd-rom, they get even better than -R.

get a BenQ DW1640. the 1620 is very good, so the newer drive will surely be better.
i don’t like LG drives…

hmm… the 1640 dosent seem to be availible anywhere. do you suggest i go with the 1620 (im not really in a position to wait any extended amount of time for a new drive to be released)? my main use of the drive will be to backup movies, xbox games, and gamecube games (-r ritek g04 mini’s) and menial backup tasks on the pc. im torn between the benQ, the LG, and some have suggested the NEC. i hear that number of sheep a burner is dosent really matter anymore, is this true? price isnt really a constraint, but time is.

ok, then go with the BenQ DW1620.