Tips: should i buy a 1620 now or wait for 1640?

Hello, i’d like to get a Benq burner but i don’t know if i had to go for 1620 or wait for 1640. What should you suggest me ?

I read 1640 specifications on Benq site and the real difference is in the Dual layer speed burnings [from 4x to 8x] and in a little incresing of cd speed burning [from 40x to 48x].
Besides, did you hear about better dvd writing performance for coming model ( more PIF spikes on some media)?

Well considering still high prices of Dual Layer media and that MAYBE benq will offer a free updates to 8X DL in the spring…i really don’t know

As always, i thank you in advance for let me have a clearer idea


I’m not even sure when the 1640 is supposed to be released. If it’s only a month or two away I might wait. On the other hand, as cheap as the BenQ DW1620A is you can buy one of them now and then buy a 1640 later on in the future if you wanted and keep the BenQ 1620A as a secondary burner and awesome reader in your computer. Just a thought at least. :bigsmile:

1640 should be out May 5th, but really can’t figure when it will be on the european market. Really don’t know if wait or not;

I mean some models are excellent so as they’re made & when you change some in the software not always next drive will be better than its previous, imho.

well if you can wait wait…

But, after it comes out, don’t you want to wait for the reviews first before you buy? That can be another month:bigsmile:

Since it’s not available yet - it’s hard to say if it’s worth the wait.

There will be no DL upgrades for DW1620 as far as I know. So to get 8x DL, 48X CD-R, 8x DVD+Rw and 6x DVD-RW it may bhe worth waiting.

The drive will be available in Europe some time during week 19.

In Germany the drive is already available.

OC, thanks for your reply.
Anyway is there the chance it could also be not as good as 1620, or have i forget about this?

some time during week 19: what does it mean excactly?

@Andy i don’t think it’s 1640 definitive release.

It is.
It’s even available at local stores right now.
Price is approx. 25% higher then DW1620


Did you follow the rest of the links?
I think you can only order it that’s all.

for example:

“sofort lieferbar” means “immediately available”

“Verfügbarkeit: lagernd” means “Availability: storing (in stock)”

Unfortunately i can’t find any german online shops with english translation available !!
The only one i know is computerunivese, but it hasn’t 1640.