Tips please for copying an LP -> Mp3



Can somebody please give me some tips on how to record an old (for example) dance LP to MP3 ? I mean software. What software should i use to record ? Should i normalize ? what encoder must I use ? What burner software to make an audio cd ?




Yowza Junky!

To be short I do LP->MP3 like this:

  1. I hook up my gear: Turntables to mixer, mixer to soundcard.
  2. Fire up CoolEdit and click record.
  3. Fire up turntable and let it play to the end…(big/fast harddisk required, 1 hour of cd quality recording is about 640MB)
  4. After recording, let a noize remove plugin cleanup the crackling sounds.
  5. Mark track starts and end in the file and then CoolEdit automaticly saves them to serperate MP3’s…

My personal favorite for recording is CoolEdit PRO ( ) With the MP3 plugin (based on Fraunhofer’s MP3 codec) you can save the recording directly to MP3.

Another great program is Audiograbber, ( ) mainly used for ripping cdaudio -> wav. But Audiograbber also supports line-in recording. The program let’s you specify what encoder (codec or program) to use. I use Radium’s release of the Fraunhofer MP3 codec. Works great!

Another good and FREE encoder is LAME ( ) which just encodes WAV -> MP3. LAME is a console program, so it just gets input through the commandline but there is a (FREE) frontend program available called LAMEBATCH. ( )

I’m very satisfied with Nero ( ) for burning audio. Can’t give you any more help here.

I always normalize everything I record. It’s sooooo annoying when different tracks on a compilation have different volumes.

Just try some of these programs/encoders and experiment with them, that’s the best way to find out what’s the best for your needs.

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I have the full version of Cool Edit Pro, which I also recommend for LP to .wav or MP3 recording. E-mail me.