Tips or tweaks to speed up ripping process?



Using Shrink 3.2, it takes me about 2 to 2½ hours to back up a movie onto my hard drive.
I’ve tried searches and looking into this but have come up empty handed.
Are there any tips on how I could speed up this process up?



What processor are you using? If it’s something quite old it will take time, likewise if you only have a small amount of memory.

Make sure you close every programme you can that’s not in use. Don’t leave stuff like Kazaa running for example.


Yeah, my pc is old.
I’m running an AMD K-6 3D processor with 196 on memory.
So really, aside maybe upgrading my processor, there is nothing I can do.
Ok, I was just asking.
I’m learning as I go along here.


Yeah, there’s not much you can do really, just close down whatever programmes you can. Someone might have a magic tip or two but you’d be looking at minutes saved at best.