Tips about building my new pc

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The A7N8X SATA ports will support RAID 0 and 1. 2 of those Raptors in a striped array should really scream.:cool:
you serious? i mean, will i really get a free raid interface? sounds :cool:

anyway, i’d really like to know what you think about the average look of my new system, just because i’m not willing to get conflicts or to run below its potentials because of a wrong connection or something.
thanx to everybody

i’m not about to go nuts… but i will ask me ma about how much money i will be given before telling her how much i’m going to spend, so i’ll know if i’ll be able to get another of those beasts :bigsmile:

will i really get a free raid interface?

YUP :bigsmile:

One note. If you want to do some tuning before installing the board, remove the NB HS and clean off all the thermal pad, then use some Artic Thermal adhesive to stick it back on there. Addition of a similar HS on the SB is also not a bad idea, it will hold a 25x40mm passive HS, but placement may be tight with a large AGP card installed. Now you’re ready to crank the FSB as high as you want.

an average person won’t understand most of technical terms, right?
well, i didn’t understand the “normal” ones either :bigsmile:

this looks like the right moment to quote samuel l. jackson from pulp fiction: “English trcr, do you speak it?” but i don’t want to be misunderstanded, so i won’t be doing it.
just j/k

You might be able to save yourself some money if you get the unlocked AMD Thoroughbred 1800@2600 from below:
It’s the one with the JIUHB core. I bought one and it’s been rock solid. It’s only £69 Steirling.

They do deilver to some euro countries but not all so I dont know if Italy is in the list.

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The Nforce boards are not working all that well with PC2700 at 333, and can be very picky about DDR.

For all I know it could just be a mobo/ram compatibility problem. Got my MSI K7N2 Delta-L (BIOS v5.1, nforce driver 2.41), Barton 2500+ (vcore 1.70, 12.5x166=2800+), and OCZ PC2700 (2-3-3-6) running in harmony. Load tempt w/ 24hr Prime95 torture test is 31C. Using Thermalright SLK-800 w/ Panaflo 80mm High 40CFM @ 32dba.

I’m gonna burn some CDs (w/ CloneCD) and DVDs (w/ Nero) tonight and see what happens. The thing is if it passes the Prime95 torture test, it’s solid. :smiley: