Tip: Taking ink off a disc to write on again

for the reasons i stated above, i’d worry MUCH more about CDs succumbing to this than DVDs, but overall, it doesn’t seem like a real-life concern.

it’s probably something that is statistically significant in testing, but translated to practical usage doesn’t degrade the disc very much faster than a non-labeled disc.

I also think that it is partially a marketing ploy…have you seen how expensive those specialized “cd/dvd markers” are?!

i’m not saying they’re JUST out to make money as I do believe the POSSIBILITY exists for the ink to degrade the disc, but as I said before, I don’t think it’s as big a deal as they’d like you to believe, and I’d worry about CDs before I’d start worrying about DVDs.

Agreed there, me too. :slight_smile:

The one thing I wouldn’t do is apply those sticky labels to any of my media, be it CDR or DVDR - lost too many CDRs back in the day by doing that to ever chance it again.

I’ve never tried erasing ink on any disks but, I wounder if those Mr. Clean erasers would work. I’ve used them on a lot of stuff at home with my kids. It erases everything and hasn’t distorted or wrecked anything.

tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk! :smiley:

You better have a good lawyer !

Don’t ever EVER attempt to do this on printable surface CDs/DVDs.

Current version only removes ink from printable CD/DVD - As to removing labels from CDs/DVDs this is something that is being considered and might be available in version 7.

It is not a joke - the ink removal feature was added in the latest update. It is not a feature that is documented for the simple reason is that it is experimental and at your own risk… To activate the feature use the following menu options Check screen shot below


You should at least use the same FONT for the additions you perform on a picture… :bigsmile:

And what font would that be ??? I have 1000 fonts here and could not find this specific one !

Fonts ? What are you talking about ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: This is real :smiley:


Of course it is! :wink:

When AnyDVD implements features such as these, I will be impressed:

[li]Remove Bad Acting (the Steven Seagal option)[/li][li]Skip Boring Stuff in “Nature” Films (alright, I mean pr0n)[/li][li]Add More Nudity (Attractive People Only)[/li][li]Remove Gratuitous Naked Butt (the Jean-Claude Van Damme option)[/li][li]Add Car Chase After Five Minutes of Pointless Dialogue[/li][li]Remove Annoying Character (the Jar-Jar Binks option)[/li][/ul]BTW this thread is in imminent danger of becoming completely non-serious, and I’m not helping - but it’s hard to resist. :o

As for the last “option”, a microwave could do that with greater results in less time. :wink:

Please keep the posts [B]on topic[/B].

I just found this vid showing how dry erase marker will remove sharpie:


I find that after using a paper towel to remove the ink, using another with alcohol does a pretty good job cleaning up, not perfect, but doing it all a 2nd time after the alcohol dries cleans it up pretty nicely. This is on a textured surface, thinking a smooth surface would clean up even easier.