Tip good b-movies movies that nobody ever heard about

Yes! I found a great movie tonight, its called Student Bodies and it is a spoof of horror movies, but it came out before the horror genre became cliche and killed itself. Also it is extremely low budget, or made to look like it.

So this thread is for tips of great movies that nobodys heard of, no blockbusters or Bruckheimer (although “great” automatically rules out any Bruckheimer anyway ;)) here.

I quite liked “Dead end”. This movie could have been shot with a budget of just a couple of hundreds (dollars, euros whatever) if they wanted to. It tells the story of a family that get lost in some wood on Christmas eve. One by one they all die in a strange way. Really a B-movie, but quite good as well, esp if you consider the budget!

Also please submit a IMDb link too, for example there are nine movies on imdb called “Dead End”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cradle of fear is a film i came across when i was looking up Emily Booth (man she’s sexy :kiss: :bow: )and she gets her (.)(.) out in this one :slight_smile: its a weird British cheap, cheesy and i mean Bad taste cheesey film, its got 3 seperate story lines one of them’s about some guy who gets addicted to a website that allows you to torture people you pay to cut people up etc but its done in such a cheesey way you just have to laugh, its the type of film you watch with mates whilst p*ssed up, highly recommended :slight_smile:

Link to official site

8 Legged Freaks!!!:iagree:

The Evil Dead 1981 probebely the most known budget flick and one of my favorites.

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman 1958

Black Sabbath -1963, Boris Karloff. Original title “Three Faces of Fear” (Italian). Saw it when it first came out, in a drive-in. (Remember those?) :eek: Still pretty scary.

Some not-so-known-movies that might make you interested:

Army Of Darkness
The Dinner Game
Spirited Away

Love that Flick. I was thinking Bad Taste (C-Grade at best) and Braindead (Almost beyond B-Grade) From the man who went on to the greats - Lord of the Rings.

Nine Queens. One of the best Mamet type con game movies I have yet to see. Right up to the end I kept thinking I had it figured out, just to be sent in another direction. From Brazil, I think.

Hmmm the Bruce Cambell movies are pretty wellknown… at least… that’s what I always thought. And euh… they ROCK!

Equilibrium is pretty good for a B-movie… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0238380/

Donnie Darko is a great movie that wasn’t released in theaters (except for the Director’s cut recently)… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0246578/

poolhall junkies http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0273982/

Well I am not sure if it is a B-movie, but it is very underated. Cinderella Man. As it was released around the time of Mr and Mrs Smith and Fantastic Four most people never took any interest it it. Very good movie, very underrated.

Yank My Doodle, It’s A Dandy

These movies are so under rated they deserve the outmost attention :clap:

Well, I think that a movie directed by an Academy Award winner (Ron Howard) and interpreted by two Academy Award winners (Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger) can’t be considered a b-movie, however I’m waiting to see it (it hasn’t come out yet in Italy, but Howard, Crowe and Zellweger are at the Venice Film festival in these days).

Don’t know if it is a b-movie or not, but Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, Memento (2000) is one of my preferred movies, with Guy Pierce and two actors from the ‘Matrix’ crew (Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano). :iagree:



The Boss’ Wife 1986? - with Daniel Stern - kinda very stupidly funny - guys will <3 Arielle Dombasle

Last night I watched “Dead and breakfast”. Well that SURE is a b-movie. Although it’s a horrible movie, it was lots of fun. Just because it’s so damn stupid… really really stupid! But I had a very good time. I think it’s even better when drunk and/or stoned :wink:

What a DUMP ! imdb is …:mad: :a

Starman with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen

now that was a movie with a story

hehehe…got one even better, but Starman is a great flick
Lorenzos Oil