Tiny scratch on DVD-R surface, does it affect quality?

Once in a while, I find what it looked like a tiny scratch on the writing surface from Verbatim DVD-R 16x (made in Taiwan) I recently bought.

On a glance it only looked like a tiny speck of dust, but when I tried to remove it gently with soft cloth, it remained.

I have burned video files on two of these with Imgburn, and during Verify, there’s nothing wrong with them. But the question is: will it affect the content, reading ability, etc, on these discs eventually?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s difficult to predict.

If the scratch is there before burning, it can prevent the laser from properly reaching the data layer and thus correctly burning marks in the area under the scratch. It thus affects both burning and reading of the disc.

If I can see this on a burned disc, I usually reburn just to be safe.

If the scratch came after the disc was burned, it might not be quite as bad as it only affects reading.

In any case - it varies.

Thank you for your explanation.