GMT times displyed at the bottom of each thread is out by 11 minutes. i am pretty sure

i dont think it is a problem at my end. someone can tell me if it is :slight_smile:

yep, you’re right.

I will synchrone the server time !

Should be fixed now. I used an NTP server so it should be running on atom time now.

For those intrested, CD Freaks is currently running on a cdfreaks dedicated (No other websites) server:

AMD Duron 850Mhz
512 MB RAM
19 GB IDE 7200 RPM Maxtor HD

Running Debian Linux with an average load of at least 0.9 constantly…

yes…it is running on time now

(why debian linux…not an other linux…like redhat ??..just curious)

A server for CD Freaks only. Man, this site must really cost some money. Is this what you had in mind when you started the site in the old days?

Yes CD Freaks is pretty expensive to run, when you are not sponsored it would be impossible to run the site, we are however sponsored by our current hosting company and this makes that we can keep the site up and running as we do.

This is certainly not what we had in mind when starting the site, we started it on a Lycos page. Back in the days there were a lot of free hosting providers, and with even 15.000 visitors they never kicked us. Now any freewebhosting company would probably lock our site in half an hour. At any given time of the day there are a couple of hunderd people surfing our site.

We are running Debian because it came with the server when we bought it, and is - for what i’ve heard- stable and pretty secure and has a good easy update tool.

The server (and it’s software) are mainted by PHP(marcel) to our total satisfaction :wink:

i sill make it 32 mins out :(, but that couldbe me. CDfreaks is so good and useful and cool i am sure u could make loads of money by somehow getting a big company to advertise , for big bucks :slight_smile:


check your bios battery on your mobo

i have nothing to complain about this server…runs smooth…

now it is back to normal :confused: . btw, i was looking at my pc time at the bottom right corner and my watch :wink: