Times are changing?

I did some search work on the site but couldn’t find the answer to my question, maybe some hardcore burning quality guru can help me out? :bow:

I am using a pioneer 105 dvd-r and thinking about buying a new model (most likely a benq 1640), Most important reason for this is that i want my burn quality improved. (this in first for my Gamecube backups, the gamecube reader doesn’t have any good error correction)

Are the new writers in absolute sin any better than my “oldy”?
The writing speed is not very important for me.

Welcome to the forum. If you stick to TY media, you can choose from the Liteon 1693, the BenQ 1620, the Pioneer 109, and the LG 4163. Any of these drives has proven to do a very good job with current firmware and TY media. Newer models need a little more work with firmware to do as well. Given that any of the above is less than $40 it is hard to go wrong. I would go with Newegg.com and get the Liteon 1693 and I have all the above burners and some NECs no longer widely available.


I can see from a lot of you post that you love your 1693S (which I also do), yet your best burn was done with you LG!!! Why is that?
I ordered a few days ago a 1640 to replace my 1620, I am also looking for an other drive to replace my 1653S, and I was thinking about either a dvdrom or a LG4167. Don’t you think it is good enough?

witlof, sorry for grabbing your post, but I think this answer might interest you as well

Well…even though the best burn was with the LG, when I make a recommendation I have to consider that the user might only wind up with one burner. I also need to consider that they might not always use the best media. Lastly, I need to consider bitsetting, scanning, and ripping.

So as good as the LG is for burning TYG02 at 4X, it does not rip, nor scan, nor does it bitset for +RW. It also has a few media types that are not so hot and finally, it does not play well with external enclosures.

BenQ’s 1620 meets these criteria but has a really bad reputation for DOA and a lot of variability between models and trouble with TYG02.

BenQ 1640 still has trouble with firmware, as does NECs 4550 and 3540. Also, NECs don’t rip or scan and it can be hard to find a 3520 anymore.

Pioneer 109 and 110 don’t like -R and the only media I find will meet my standards is MCC 003. You can get good ripping when you crossflash but you lose it when you go to the Buffalo firmware for bitsetting. And forget about scanning.

The Liteon does not do the best burn on any of my media, but there is nothing I have tested it on that won’t at least get an AA++ using my very critical criteria so it will be very good for almost anyone else. Their firmware has no trouble after KS04 and no one seems to have any inconsistencies between drives. They just about invented scanning and fast ripping as well as bitsetting so that is a lock. Finally the external drive is dirt cheap and the internal works pretty well with external cases.

While each drive has it’s fine points, when I recommend a Liteon I can be fairly certain the poster will get a drive that does what they will want today and will also not disappoint them if they start to become more serious about burning.

I am not that familiar with the 4167. What is it you are looking for with your replacment?

Bob Dylan song eh! "TIMES are a Changing)

Thanks for the advice.
Can some body also shine a “lite” on my initial question.

Do the current generation dvd writers produce a better dvd then the older ones or do they do the same job on a higher speed ?

I need best possible burns for my gamecube backup cause the reader doesn’t have any good correction.

It is hard to find a current generation burner that will produce a bad burn on good media. I mean they are really good, with PIE levels in the teens.

It is almost impossible to find an older generation burner of the 8X/4X series that will do the same.

They have taken all the fun out of trying to get a great burn. :frowning:

Ditto! Depends on the burner, media, and speed. All are different for every burner. I burn at 8X on all media with all burners. However, some media and burners do an outstanding job at 12X, I just don’t risk it unless I am sure. 16X can take longer to burn a disk than 12X do to the internal safeguards in burners and software. I never do a 16X burn these days, it is just not worth it to prove it to someone I can do it at 16X.