Timer recordings "once" stay forever

After recording with timer and choose ‘‘ONCE’’ the settings on the timer are still there. Is there any fix when recording with once for this settings to disappear.


Could you provide the make and model of your recorder?

Generally if there is a problem with a timer, the Lite-On recroder will leave the timer intact, but with a warning ‘!’ (at least on the LVW-5045). If this is the case, highlight the recording and there should be a small description of the error at the bottom. An example of an issue includes attempting to record using Video CD mode while a DVD+RW is present in the drive. :doh:

Finally, just be sure the correct time & date are set. :rolleyes:

If it’s a 5001, 5005 or 5006 it will remain but it won’t be operative (since you are past the start-stop date. Just remove it with your remote if you find it bothersome.

As stated by the previous poster, the 500x series models keep the entries. But if you press “timer” on the remote and select “reset” for the item you want to erase, it will remove it. It does not do anything once the date/time has passed, but it is odd that it doesn’t just reset automatically upon completion.

I prefer it to remain, as sometimes (but not always) I want to record the program again the next week, and all I have to do is change the date. Also, If you have recorded several programs, you have an instant log of success or failure.