Time Warner changes DVD region coding

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Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/1/13834.html

Time Warner’s home video division has changed DVD’s region
coding scheme to make it even harder to play movies…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/878-Time-Warner-changes-DVD-region-coding.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/878-Time-Warner-changes-DVD-region-coding.html)

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Ah, ah, ah!
…and what about home dvd players with internal menu in order to select the region till region number 8?
…and what about dvd players’ firmwares?

So easy to bypass the protection…

Ok, thats it, first some small DVD E-tailer, a dvd massage board, The register & now CD Freaks, this RCE shit is getting WAy to much press.

I wonder if this all turns out to be a fake rumor, then I hope every DVD owner hunts this retard down like a dog.

This shit can easaly be cracked with a mod that lets you change the region manualy,
Fuck you Time Wanker.

Errm, didn’t 20th century Fox already do this with their Alien Legacy set. The DVD menu checks if the player is region free. To bypass it all you needed to do was change to the correct region ie not region 0. They might stop a few from playing it but not many, none if you use a PC-DVD!!

A friend of mine has a region free DVD player but it doesn’t works proparly.The pictures fades and the voices are not sincronised with the picture.

So that’s why I use just a plain DVD-ROM player. I hate stand alone DVD players. Fuck Warner i think they only need one week to crack this shit .

I am glad that they got regions it prevents me from being able to buy/watch that foreign stuff.

Need some explanation?
Tnx to the friend Doom9 @ http://go.to/Doom9 :

“Along with that: Some of you might have heard about the upcoming REC 3 region code protection. Now to make this clear for everyone: This is NOT a new sort of encryption, with at least 15 million players sold worldwide, and at least 50 million DVD-ROMs there is no way the encryption can ever by changed. Those who’ve been into DVD from the beginning now that the region code stuff was changed once before, not so long after the initial launch when studios found out that a large number of discs was exported from the US. So what effects will this new thing have? On ripping it has NO EFFECT whatsoever. If you have a DVD drive that has region codes you’ll have to change the code as usual… until your 5 times of change are up. However, I suppose the majority of my readers either live in the US and have nothing to worry about region codes in any case, or have either regionfree drives or patched their drives to be regionfree. These patches make a DVD drive RPC-1, which means that the drive does not care about the regions. These new discs will work like a charm in that case, since it’s up to the software player to set the region, and as you all know you can change the region code of a software player using other tools than the built-in changer in each software DVD player. DVD Genie simply sets the code as the player would do but does not increase the change counter. Hence all these disks will work without any problems. For hardware player’s there’s two situations: If you can change the regioncode manually (by remote or whatever) you’ll have no problem with these discs… the new scheme only detects auto-region switching devices. However if you have only an auto-switcher there could be potential trouble. Until you can actually get these discs there’s no way telling which players will fail on these discs. However, the 2nd generation of region protection already made it impossible for the early modified models to play discs that came from another region, and that problem was eventually solved. So I don’t think it’ll take too long till this new protection scheme can be cracked. The movie studios should rather release their movies at the same date in the whole world and all these cross-importing problem would go away. The MPAA says that can’t be done. Then how does MGM manage to release the Bond franchise at roughly the same date worldwide? This is a major motion picture franchise, and requires tens of thousands copies of the movie showing in theatres worldwide. It CAN be done, it’s more a matter of planning, logistics and most importantly: the will to treat the rest of the world in the same way as them home market is being treated.”


This is such bullshit! My DVD player a so-called “Multi-region” model, you can set the region code in a special “hidden” menu, and any value between 0 and 100 is possible. I live in Europe (Region 2) but I also have some American Region 1 titles, and I’m sure new Region 1 titles will play just as good as the “old” ones do now.