Time Warner Cable to start capping Internet usage

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Since the time broadband took off in the US, most providers have focused on pricing its broadband packages based on speed, which is a flat-rate fee regardless of how much data one downloads. …

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This is bullpoop. Bell and Rogers are capping people in Canada. I pay my $50 a month (well, I don’t, the company I work for does) and I deserve premium speed. Sure, I’m one of the 5% who hogs bandwidth by illegally downloading movies, music, games, programs, magazines, and pr0n… umm, where was I going with this again?

Ok, I am glad I am not a new customer because this is total BS and I have TW. What if you had a premium News Server account that had unlimited downloads or something that surpassed the “40GB” limit? What about people that buy movies over the net and download them? I think the problem is something else that they are not telling us. If bandwidth was such a problem, why not tone down the allowable amount you can have? Instead of offering 10Mb connections, only allow 5Mb. Supposedly, they have a fiber network for TW around my area. If they do, what is their problem with bandwidth when they are constantly bragging about it on the commercials.

This is an advertisement from TW site: "Road Runner Turbo You know Road Runner is fast. Still want more? Try Turbo Charging Road Runner up to 10 Mbps! Turbo Charge your Road Runner for just a few dollars more a month, and do everything you love to do online over 42% faster than the original Road Runner High Speed Online! Download your favorite shows, videos and music in a fraction of the time! Up to 10 Mbps download speeds and up to 512 Kbps upload speeds No speed bumps in sight when downloading large files and software updates Enhanced speed gives you the edge you need to win online games Multimedia mastery - blaze through video and music downloads Over 566% faster than the typical DSL offering from the phone company Fulfill your need for more speed. " Looks like to me they are encouraging downloads.

Doesn’t matter to me really. They might cap me at home, but at work I have 100 Mbit/s pipe. Smoke on that, Bell.

I really do not like these Caps being put out. I run a computer business and need my internet connection not to be capped because I download and upload many GBs of data every month. I am one of those 5 percent that use the internet for unlimited usage. I guess I will have to switch to a different carrier that allows lots of upload and download. I live in a Verizon network area but I live to far from the fiber line. I would eat of the 30MB/s upload and 30MB/s download. I am out.

Net neutrality in action. Makes a mockery of video streaming as “the future”.

As usual some idiot comes up with an idea. The effects are pretty predictable. Other carriers will follow suit. Truth is they are looking to capitalize on other companies advances. Streaming video, download HD movies… Once you get a taste for it, they are counting on you wanting it and are gonna make you pay for it. And eventually will. One of the things that depresses me about our society. And now you will be sure that it will appeal to the other companies who all ready charge for your connection speeds. 20 years ago you didn’t pay for tv and now you have to pay to see PBS. Enjoy your downloads while you can!!!

There goes the AppleTV / Vudu model out the window … that is unless the ISP gets a bit of the action as well…
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What gets me is that they sell a certain amount of bandwidth, 8-10Mb/sec, and then turn around and say that you are using the internet too much and maxing out your bandwidth too much. Well duh, what do you expect? People not to use what you sold them? Hopefully, once they cap usage, there will be another ISP that will offer unlimited for around the same price and they will have to either follow suit or upgrade their infrastructure.

I’m Moving again! :g

This sucks! {I would have wrote more, but I was capped by my ISP} :frowning:
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