Time Travel

Wow, A serious(ish) thread in the Living Room posted by Womble.

I have just been watching TimeCop and also recently an episode of Futurama where they travel back in time and it got me thinking.

Whats your opinions on time travel.

[li]Do you think you can?
[/li][li]If you can what will happen if you kill your granddad?
[/li][li]Could you change the future?
[/li][li]Should we time travel if it is possible?
[/li][li]Where would you go?

My Thoughts.
Generally i’m not sure if we can time travel or will be able to time travel in the future. If we could time travel in the future wouldn’t someone have come back to this time so wouldn’t we know. And since it hasn’t happened yet can we change the future so that it does/dosn’t happen. Argggg. Good start eh!. I would probably go for the yes option. Why, Why not. It’s my opinion. So there.

What would happen if you killed your own granddad.
I just dont know. My mind tends to go all squishy when I think about it.
First I start off with yes because now my dad has not been born so therefore I can’t be born. Then I go but I have already been born so it dosn’t matter. and then back to the beginning again.

Could you change the future.
See above. Ha, no wait yes of course. If you set off a nuke in a city then in the future there is going to be a big hole in the ground. Stands to reason dosn’t it?

Should we time travel.
See above. Got to be careful if we did.

Where would I go.
Everywhere. I would go back in time to see if the historians got it right. To the future so that I could travel to the stars and other planets. The one time I would most like to go though. One week ago with the winning lottery numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats my gibberish on the subject. How about you?

And to complicate the matter, what about multi dimension, multi universe, per Slider (TV show) and The One (Jet Li movie)?

Let me think about this topic on my way home.

Time Travel…The final frontier…

With apologies to Douglas Adams (read “Mostly Harmless” for the exact quote), we think and move in Time in a linear, one directional way. To an observer unhindered by these restraints, we are niaive. We age, and therefore time as a device or dimension is that which only expires, and never regenerates. Maybe if Time were an energy, then it could not be destroyed or deconstructed, it would simply change form…but to what? Anti-Time, maybe? :slight_smile:

There have been numerous experiments (atomic clocks in planes, 2 twins) that have claimed to prove that linear velocity is directly related to time dialation. For the atomic clock, maybe, but not for the observer…and that’s the flaw in the experiment.

The way in which we experience time, we cannot possibly affect TIME by what we do or however fast we travel holding whatever thermonuclear chronometer you choose. Obviously the experiment has an uncredited element that affected the clocks ability to record the passage of time. Then there’s the theoretical experiment of 2 twins, one travelling to a planet that was so many lightyears away at lightspeed or near to it, and then returning via the same method, to find that his brother here on earth had aged more than the brother in transit. No ones’ actually done this experiment yet, and the answer about organic matter travelling safely at this speed would have to be found before we find out this answer as well.

At the moment, there has been speculation about the natural constancy of the speed of light, and when that tumbles, so does all the other theories connected to it. But I digress! Black holes dialate time and light through intense gravity, or so it would appear. (any black hole illumni here? Care to elaborate how they theoretically do this?)

If we can control the passage of time (or control our existence in it, more likely) then time travel is most definitely possible. How we do this, well… I know that holding your breath until time goes backwards ain’t gonna happen…um…

I think we’ll start by being able to age slower, then not needing to age at all (through an act of choice, of course!), making time irrelevant, really…unless we haven’t stamped out impatientness by then.

Yes, I know… you want the answer now, don’t you :wink: In the future, we will have a better grasp of time, and therefore will have more control over it - and that may lead to some form of time travel, but probably into the future than in the past.

Your retort, professors?


The other day i was looking at a steven hawkings book (for those who don’t know, he is the smart guy the rides around in a wheelchair, and has come up with theories about time and space, ect…) anyways… In there he says time travel is possible because as you speed up, time slows down, and the faster you go, the more time slows down, and so on, but it was a very complicated explaination. :confused: i think eventually you’d reach a point where you wouldn’t age because you are going so fast?? :confused: :bow:
(i’ll have to see if i can find this book again)
…ohhh, if you kiled your grandfather, then technicaly you wouldn’t exhist, which means you couldn’t have killed him, but you did anyways…a paradox
Same rules apply to changing history?? :confused:
Finally, i’d go to the future to see what it’s like, and i’d go back in time to find out what really happend at things like roswell, the titanic, pyramids, ect… :smiley:

Well this is something I think about a lot! Why? Because I have too much time on my hands. No, you cannot travel back in time at least not yet. After all, how many people have you seen lately from the future? None. I am sure they would be running around trying to tell us what to do if they could. So they could get rich or be a hero or something.

Theoretically, you could travel into the future and this is proven already with atomic clocks and fast jets. However it is only because as you approach the speed of light, time begins to slow. At the speeds we can travel it is insignificant. It would come in handy if such a speedy craft was possible, say for instance, you were dying of an incurable disease. Only problem is, it is impossible to travel at the speed of light as mass increases as well and there is not enough energy to propel such a craft. So I guess we might as well say you can’t travel into the future either. ( I read the Steven Hawkings book as well) Don’t worry, I forgot what the hell he said too! Lol

As an aside though, if you believe in UFO’s - I don’t by the way, but just for fun, I have often wondered if they aren’t from our future coming back to try and fix up the gene pool that they screwed up!! I mean, the ones people are describing all the time, they all look like hell. All grey and no nose like Michael Jackson. But without hair! Only a little slit for a mouth and no knockers either. Maybe they weigh 90 pounds dripping wet. :eek:

I read some of Hawkings’ books as well and I wondered quite some nights (enjoying a Scotch or so) about the possibility and the consequences of time travel. I just cannot figure it out. I’ve made both assumptions and especially assuming that time travel is possible makes something great to think about. I think that if time travel is possible, the way we see time is something that doesn’t exist. We travel along with time, although each future moment is already determined and all past moments are still happening, over and over again. But how does this work? Does everything happen in frames? Or is there an infitine number of dimensions where in each time is a linear process?

Much much much confusing thoughts, but no answers. I’d really wish that we could travel in time one day (sounds stupid, as if we can travel in time in the future, we could do it now as well), but I’m afraid that’d generate a mess on earth.

You cannot bring back the past.

You cannot bring back the past.

You gotta admit, it would be nice to be able to though… :iagree:

We’d have to find some alternate dimension, a spectator-mode, to perform time-travel methinks. Otherwise we’d have the whole consequences-business of messing with the past.

This will be a very … intresting thread.

What if we are all just pawns in a game? Like the sims. We wouldn’t know. At the end of Men In Black, you see each universe is tiny compared to aliens.
We don’t know anything compared to everything. (Good sig quote, eh?). And like in The One (where did I get my username from?!?! - 1 guess), there could be parallel universes.
I had thought about that before I saw the movie, and when I watched the movie, I understood better.

Go outside. Get some air.

The One sed:

And like in The One (where did I get my username from?!?! - 1 guess), there could be parallel universes.

It seems possible, maybe even likely, that there are parallel dimensions. I guess super strings need the wiggle room. But, are they good for anything and how many are there?

Gravity, being the odd force that it is, seems to hold the key to finding out. One day, it might be used as a method of detecting the others as mentioned in the article. There is even some weird talk of using gravity as a means of communication between dimensions. Maybe we could take a freak poll then and find out, If anyone is listening in those living rooms. Maybe we could find out what they are paying for dual layer media, stuff like that. Drinks another beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe possible to go forwards as you couldn’t change anything. returning back to where you left.
No matter have little impact you made by going back you would have changed something and created some sort of paradox.

Besides, if you could ever come back in time surely we’d know about it by now.

Unless there was a way to have a spectator-mode, where we could not touch anything, just watch. But then of course if time travel had been released, then all sorts of wars would occur. One of which between religions. If we went back and found out that Jesus or whoever didn’t really come to earth, then that would upset a lot of people. Plus, who is to say we would know about time travel by now, as we wouldn’t be able to see them, they just see us. Like the 6th Sense :p. When they walk through you you get that shiver :p. But then that would open another world of porn!

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Well, according to the experiences of Dr. Emmett Brown, that could have serious consequences in the space-time continuum. One definitely must not attempt such travels. They could be absolutely disastrous and bring a whole sequence of events which could destroy the world. Though, that destruction could be a mere coincidence, not having anything to do with the travel.
Anyway, what we must have in mind is that the consequences of such travel could be disastrous. In those travels one could create a time paradox and cause a chain reaction that would unravel the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe.
All in all, It would be fun :wink:

The astronauts that are in MIR are in fact time-travellers… I don’t know the calculations… but if one stays for a few months in an orbit around earth… and you come back to earth… over those months… you gained a fraction of a second… because time goes slower there…

Anyone ever heard of the Inflation model?

I don’t quite believe in parallel universes, a view which descents from a particular interpretation of quantum physics… but our universe is much weirder and bigger than anyone can phantom! just like the concepts of time-space-matter…

everybody runs at a different time scale but this is in billions of billions of billions of seconds difference, as far as i know as we get closer to the speed of light time is either slower or faster (cant remember) for us so if you’re driving your car and a blokes stood on the pavement you are on a different time scale as it were than he is. If you think about it time is only a made made concept is it tangible enough to actually travel through (other than at normal speed) ? i have no idea

Yes, and unfortunately a friend of mine received one for his 21st birthday, from his parents nonetheless. Embarassment galore.

You’ve all been licking flux capacitors again.
Get back to your future.