Time to start application

It is supposed to take 10sec > to scan the system for devices?

Clean install of the non beta version 3.

Ubuntu 7.04

When Nero Linux starts, it will try to look to all your IDE/SCSI/USB/FireWire/S-ATA devices to see if it can use it. Depending on the device you have connected on all these buses, the startup process can take 10sec.
Another point is that the startup process can be a little bit slow down if you have a disc in one of your device.

I do understand that it will scan for devices, however the beta was much faster.
Also there is no disc in the drive. Is there a way to disable the auto scan and make it use the devices it already have found?

The code for device detection cannot be disabled, as Nero Linux has some hotplug features (Have you ever tried to plug in an external device while you were using Nero Linux?)… and the code regarding this part is 100% the same than the one for the beta.

Nope never tried to connect an ext dev and using nero.
So the code is the same, odd it’s something like 5sec to open it and about 10 on this ver.

Anyhow. Nothing major :wink:

On my machine, the overall time to start NeroLinux seems about the same as the beta (certainly no more than 5 seconds). The splash seems to stay on the screen longer, but the actual program and new-compilation window appear more quickly, so the overall start time is about the same.

I was going to purchase this morning when the price was $19.99 but I had to leave, and I see it’s now $24.99. That’s a quick price increase (LOL). It’s easily worth $24.99 though. Thanks for the great program.

The old price I think was still for NeroLinux 2…I just bought a number for NeroLinux3 and started using it…no problems…very nice. I like now that I have commonality between my Windows and Linux machines…and I spend an increasing amount of time in Linux now…thanks Nero for bringing this application up to date.

Now…how about cover designer? That’s the other app I use a lot…and I’m getting a little tired of booting Windows just to do a silly cover!

Seriously…thanks for Nero supporting Linux now…