Time to replace old Lite-On?

I have an old Lite-On LTR-24102B CD-RW drive which I thought was serving me well. I only burn audio CDs with Nero at 8X-16X. However, I just ran a Nero CD-DVD Speed Test which showed a whopping 194K C1 errors, and 44 C2 errors. This seems like a LOT of C1 errors when I compare my results with those I see posted on this board. I was using TY media, so I can’t improve on that. I believe it is genuine TY; Nero says that it’s TY and the MID from Nero is 97m24s01f. EDIT: The hub is printed with “80 PG7395” and stamped into the clear plastic is “KB640A0025080” in case this helps identify a fake disc.

Is this unacceptable performance? If you think I need a new drive, what should I get? I never burn DVDs, so that function is not important to me. I do rip CDs, which is something that I thought the Lite-On did well.

Thanks for your help.

Hi and Welcome,

any C2 error is not acceptable in my book. As you are using TY media (hopefully genuine stuff, see also the TY related stickies in the Blank Media Forum ), media issues can be ruled out.

So the drive might not handle these media as well as they should be handled. I would suggest trying some other media just to rule out a worn drive.
In addition, just scan a factory pressed original CD (not copy protected). If there are still C2 errors detected, then there might be just a problem with the scanning capabilities of the drive you are using for that.

In case the drive has to be replaced, I would not throw it away since it might be still a good reader and CD scanning drive.