Time to rebuild the Internet?



Researchers say the Internet as we know it is a failure and it’s time to start over. Linky


Yo Bob-

Wonder if Al Gore knows about this-eh?


Hmmm … lots of shiny new bandwidth and funky new protocols … required to authenicate every user :stuck_out_tongue:

/me has pre-emptive dibs on username “debro”, although it will probably be more like “lastname.middlename.firstname.Au.Syd.(Postcode).ISP.CPUID”

And now I wonder, once illegal downloads are no longer possible on a super-secure internet what all that bandwidth will be used for. It’s not like posting on a forum requires banwidth coming out of the wazoo … and I highly doubt that the world would benefit from 5.1channel surround sound high resolution video calls :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm … maybe the porn industry :stuck_out_tongue: