Time to Reassess High-Res Audio



As every audiophile knows, the audio industry and, to a lesser extent, the music industry have been promoting the idea of high-resolution audio, typically using PCM digital audio at data rates of 24-bit/96-kilohertz or higher instead of the 16-bit/44.1-kilohertz rate used for CDs. For audiophiles, high-res is a done deal. They’ve got high-resolution capability in their systems, and many of them are buying high-res downloads from HDTracks, Acoustic Sounds and other download sites.

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None of the available downloads from the major players are TRUE high res audio. They are trying to say CD spec, and even old analog masters from tape are high res as long as they package it in a 24/96 wrapper, then, gee, nobody can really hear a difference.
There is one place I know of selling true HD audio disks and downloads and that’s AIX records. The guy records the tracks he sells himself in his studio and has done free tracks you can download to test out and listen to, he also has a daily blog posts that you can sign up for or check out on his site. You can check it out here if your interested http://www.realhd-audio.com/
I have a few SACD and HD DVD disks here and love them even though most were made from analog masters, and I have downloaded his free demo tracks and the sound is just stunning in clarity and dynamic range if you have a system that can play and do them justice.
I don’t like all the different styles of music he has but everything sounds great and I do like quite a few of the tracks and artists he has, worth a look/listen for anyone who cares.