Time to move on or should i stay?

Well it’s time to purchase a new DVD writer. I currently have 1 ldw401s and
2 ldw811s. My other optical drives are all LITEONS (ltd163 52x32x52 combo drive 40x12x48 cd writer).
I’ve read the lastest press release from LITEON indicating that a new DVD
writer 1673s is due on the market very soon. Should i wait for this drive or
should i go for the latest PLEXTOR 716a?. Obviously i’m a big fan of LITEON
and would rather stay loyal to LITEON.

I would wait but then I am a big fan of Lite Ons as well. I currently have the 1633s with the BS41 firmware and I love it. Great burns everytime!! I only use RicohJPNR01 since Newegg does not seem to run out of them!



Though the Plextors really haven’t been doing much better, either. So if you do switch, keep that in mind. BenQ is fairly popular.

The Benq certainly seems to be drawing praise, so does the NEC (3500, or 3520 with the new +/-RW speeds and maybe -R DL if any media ever appears).
The Pioneer A08/108 is good, but slow for a 16x, with the A09 around the corner.
LG are also there, espcially if you want the best rewrite format - DVD-RAM

Liteon built their reputation on fast, cheap CD-RW drives with Mediatek’s great EFM handling, and, lets not forget, the bonus of almost guaranteed overclockability to the highest speed for the chipset.

Liteon are in danger of LOSING their reputation, to the finicky media handling and inconsistent results, possibly the responsibility of the Mediatek DVD chipset.

Do we stay loyal to Liteon?
Do Liteon stay loyal to Mediatek - in a way, I hope thay do, as maybe they might get the media tuning worked out, to the pont of being at least the best drives with those chipsets.

i think the benq and the nec provide the most bang for the buck now… i don’t think you would go wrong with either one. plextors have always been pricey. just my $.02.

Thanks for your interest in the subject GUYS.
I’m willing to hang on until the 1673 becomes available in the UK, just keeping my fingers crossed that this drive will put LITEON back to the top of the Charts.
How long before we start seeing the 1673 in UK stores?

As far as CD-RW and DVD-Roms go I agree stick with Liteon. But with the DVD burners I think you might want to take a closer look at the BenQ (1620) or the NEC (3500). You may be surprised in what you see I know I was and still am. :bigsmile:
I wish you luck with what ever you buy. :slight_smile:

Of course you do :slight_smile: If you base your judgement on the LITEON with one type of media then you might be in for a slight disappointment :slight_smile: Keep on using those RICOHJPNs, they are known to burn great on LITEONs, however it is a fact that LITEON handles most other medias poorly compared to other drives. Lucky for you that you use RICOHJPNs, I cannot find them, they are becoming rare now, and I NEVER buy online. Now that Maxell and Memorex have stopped using RICOH and using RITEK and CMC, it is much harder for me to find something decent. The only garantee that I can get RICOHJPN now is buying the fujifilm DVDs, they all use RICOHJPN and they are as much as 5 times more expensive too :slight_smile:

I agree with the ricohjpnro1 disks. But they’re expensive and only 4X. I found another brand that the Lite-Ons like. ProdiscR03. I got a spindle of Memorex 8X +R from Staples on sale for $20 for 50 and it does well. Previously I’d bought a couple hundred Legacy 8X +R disks from newegg that were ProdiscR03 and they burnt very well. Only the 4X Verbatims worked well. The 8X Verbatims worked fine at 4X but came out like crap at 8X so I scratched them off my list.
I think I’ve finally reached an accord with burners. I use a Lite-On 52X writer for reading and writing CDs only and a BenQ 16X DVD writer for reading and writing DVDs only. Hell, for two dozen bucks you can get a separate cd writer so why not? Besides, Lite-On actually makes a good cd writer so why bother the dvd writer with that stuff?

w0w PsychoCat wish I could have any kind of luck with the ProdiscR03’s in my
Liteon drives. I bought a 50 pack of the Legacy 8X +R disks from newegg also
and I’ve only had 1 half way decent disk burn so far out of about 30+ disks
that was readable during playback but still with a few glitches. I tried burning
them with 3 different Liteon drives a 401s, 832s, and my latest drive a 1633s at
anywhere from 2.4x - 16x and with different FW with the same results, each and
every time all poor :a

Really strange. But I’ve heard that before even about other brands of media. Seems even drives with the same model number produce wildly different results with the same media.

That’s normal. Not all same model drive are 100% identical - there some differences in timings, calibration, alignment, and other factors that can have an impact. Same with most electronic components, including motherboards, etc…

As to RICOHJPN being expensive, I disagree - I buy them in bulk (cakebox) and so far I have had good luck with them. Sometimes they are on special by 70% ! You got to look out for those specials. If you are concerned about longevity and compatibility, you MUST use quality media, otherwise you get what you pay for and don’t be surprised if those discs get bad with time.

Where do you buy your RICOHJPN in bulk?