Time to laugh.Post your funniest Photos!

Let’s put a little fun in the forum .Do you believe you have the funniest photo ?
Post it!Have fun :slight_smile:

Don’t we have allready such thread…
Allright it says not that you have to post your funniest photo, but it’s quite the same…

Yes we do, it’s called the Quest for Longest thread.

LOL! And not just funny pictures, but everything else, too. :stuck_out_tongue: Though with a thread that long, I wonder how many people actually bother to even read it. I know that I don’t. :wink: Having a separate thread might be nice… this certainly caught my attention more so than the quest. And I was disappointed to see that there aren’t any funny photos as advertised. :sad:

Here some links

Lucky pussy

not funny but nice my guinea pig