Time to get the hankies out

at the end of this month >NIL: :bow: will no longer be patching any firmwares for our pioneer drives .
for the full article c here.

i wish him all the best in whatever he does next :bow:

I don’t know if any of the current patchers have the skills and the time to create nx4all patches like >NIL: is known for. This may be the end of the nx4all era :sad:

I would have the say the nx4all, though nice :slight_smile: is not THAT important anymore. 8X media is dirt cheap now. Many can be burned at 12X and even 16X with the stock firmware. The biggies are RPC1 for many users, and removing the rip-lock. Does anyone even buy less than 8X media now? I remember when 2X4all was the BIG thing. Two times faster. From 1 hour to 30 minutes. That was BIG! :iagree: >NIL: provided a great service to the community for many years. Let’s wish him only the best in the future. :smiley: