Time to get into SSD?

The last few months i am thinking that it’s time to get an SSD drive, but as always the price is the reason that i am staying away from this drives. Now i found a 64G Apacer A7201 drive and the price is good, less than 100 €, plus 64g is enough for my needs.

So the questions are?
1st. Is this drive worth the money or should i stay away for some more months and maybe get an intel?
2nd. The next question has to do with trim, does this support trim?

Looking at the specs for this SSD.
It doesn’t appear to be using one of the front runner SSD controllers, such as Indilinx, Intel, or Sandforce.
Also from the specs, it doesn’t appear to support TRIM.
So my guess would be this is not an up to date drive, which is perhaps why the price is as low.

Now is a good time to be buying Indilinx Barefoot based drives, as they are being heavily discounted at the moment, to clear stock for the forthcoming “mainstream” Sandforce based drives. Or wait a couple of weeks and see what prices are like for the Sandforce SF1200 based SSD’s.

I might wait a little more, thank Dee.