Time to end Regional coding of DVD's

As a frequent traveller with a Laptop the whole idea of regional coding is nonsense – after all Laptops were designed for travelling.

In the UK now we can get DVD players for as low as 50 GBP or around 80 EUR or USD.
Doesn’t this in any case make the whole regional coding pointless now – if you can get a cheap player then it’s easy to to have 2 of them – saving the expense and troble of finding hardware / software regional coding fixes.

If DVD movies were priced sensibly anyway there wouldn’t need for all this stuff anyway.

A world without regional coding, game and audio protections, lowpriced music,audio n dvds would be ideal yes …

… but i dont think that the recording and film industries share the same ideals :wink:

But seriously now, regional coding has never been a problem for me. I very rarely get my hands on a region 1 coded dvd (other regions are out of the question - who knows chinese anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: ), and when i do there’s the “5 times region changing” and others options available…

For someone that travels a lot to different continents and is a dvd freak, i can understand the trouble - but believe me the film recording industry has no sympathy for them :wink:

The funny think is that they do not even take under consideration the fact that regional coding can potentially be rendered useless by many techniques, buying a 2nd dvd player being one of them (at least for watching 2 dvd regions).

For the purpose of multi-country-travelling , there’s the region 8 and region 9 movies. Those are for ships and airplanes.
These dvd’s are not available for the common man of course.

In a time where the player is almost as expensive as one good DVD title , i’d always buy a region free player. You don’t do something illegal when you buy a region free player , and you don’t do something illegal when you buy your dvd’s overseas (for instance , amazon.com region 1 disks).

Sometimes i’m even forced to purchase a region 1 dvd because i want the extra features.

For instance : The dvd Saving Private Ryan does not come with a DTS sound in Europe (region 2) , but is standard available in the US (region 1) and it’s even cheaper (i paid around $17) than in Europe.

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The dvd Saving Private Ryan does not come with a DTS sound in Europe (region 2) ,
No DTS in Oz Region 4 either but I buy DTS where possible in Region 4

region coding is necessary for their industry, though, until they can simultaneously release dvd’s in different areas.

Region coding doesn’t work.

Maybe they should just release everything at the same time, everywhere.

I notice alot of people downloading movies from the internet, not because they don’t want to pay, but because the US gets the movies upto 3 months ahead of OZ!

Everyone is reviewing the movies, and it’s “coming soon” In australia. By the time it premiers in OZ, it’s old news in the USA, europe and china.

Australia really is the ass end of the world.

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Australia really is the ass end of the world.

Ssshhhtt … Fp might be listening :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that DVD’s (unlike music) is priced reasonably. The region coding has never been a problem to me either, only DVD I’ve had from china didn’t have region code… :slight_smile:
And regionfreeing players is so simple anyways…

they’d rather have you d/ling the movie than buying a copy from some pirate - but of course, they thought css would last forever.

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Ssshhhtt … Fp might be listening :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
In terms of region coding, I agree and know what he was saying. There are countries in R4 that I’ve never heard of…