Time to copy your VHS Tapes to DVD

Time is running out, copy your VHS Tapes now. My tape collection (since 1993) Origionals, copies, recorded form TV… mostly in the SP Hi-Fi Mode on good media and stored in plastic cases at room temp. Yet many tapes are starting to degrade. Copies much more than Origionals and some are very hard to find now. There is little you can do but make a copy to DVD while you still can.
Example my “Boys in Company C” not on DVD and hard to find on tape would not play with quality.

With something so important, did you try playing
the tapes in a different VCR?
I have tapes that have outlasted 4 VCR’s and still play,
although I have been replacing my collection with DVD’s
for some time now…

Origional Tapes seem to last longer than recording you make Boys from Company C was recorded from TV.
I tried playback on my best VCR Toshiba 6 head S-VHS

Sorry for your loss. You might try looking for
replacements of any bad factory tapes on eBay.