Time to change

after a long time I think it is time to change one of my DVD-burners (NEC 3500-AG fw 2.1A-RPCI and Pioneer DVR-106D fw 1.08) but it is a long time that I don’t mind about DVD recording technology and I need your help. :bow:
I would like a recent recorder with the fastest speeds (can someone confirm: DVD 18x, DVD-DL 8x, DVD-RAM 12x), with DVD-RAM support and good (and reliable) CD support. I think that LightScribe and LabelFlash are good technologies but I would prefer LS as it is going to be implemented (LS v1.2?) and there are more manufacturers that support it (LF is supported just by NEC, right?).
I’m not quality addicted (I still have some Princo 4x DVDs :o ) and I do not burn very much. I would just like to have “the best” recorder out now…that I can find here in Italy! :iagree:

Thank you all

LG H22L. 18X DVD, 8X DL, and -RAM support.

Thank you Bhairav, I just come back from the shop but I didn’t find the H22L. The dealer had a NEC (I read that it is Optiarc now) 7173A but is it good as the LG? It looks like the only difference is LF vs LS…
Any hint?