Time to buy DVD recorder... but which one?



OK, I have $100 in gift certificates to Best Buy and want to by a DVD recorder and don’t want to spend more than $200 +/-. I looked at the Liteon and others but there are a lot of models. Some of the forums do more complaining about their units than recommend. Are there any reliable units out there. It would be good if it were able to record 3 hrs. with decent quality, since a lot of shows run a little over 2 hrs. I’d appreciate some input. Thanks all! :slight_smile:


If you are looking at a stand alone recorder, most people over at videohelp.com swear by the Pioneer 220. The newer model is missing some features but I would go with Pioneer in any case. My Panasonic is OK but no where near as good. Liteon has had a ton of trouble. They seem to run hot and cold with quality. It is still too new to buy anything but a quality brand name. BTW, stick with TY media.