Time to boot whit a 107D



After i have put in my PC the 107D writer, it wait for 20 seconds before boot if i include this drive in the bootable drives: what can i do?



Take a nap.

Change your boot order each time you want to boot from something different. If you want to boot from a CD, then set your BIOS to boot only from a CD, otherwise boot from your HDD or whatever when you want to use Windows.


Do you have a bootable CD in the drive?


Anyway, the boot time don’t change if i have a cd, dvd or nothing in the drive.

Anyone have same problem? :confused:

Tested on a KT400 and a SYS 746 motherboard.


This solution work, but it isn’t a good solution for me :slight_smile:

by the way, what is “a nap”? I’m italian and i don’t undestand that words



A short sleep :slight_smile: