Time to abandon uTorrent?



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Sorry but the article makes no mention of the “copyright police”, as of yet it’s unclear who’s behind the IPv6 addresses. That’s a bit of a stretch there, though i wouldn’t put it behind beyond them.


They are called “unknown attackers” in the article at TorrentFreak, with the obvious suspicion that the movie and TV copyright holders are behind the whole thing. “Copyright police” is just me being tongue-in-cheek as usual.

If a more solid lead shows up as to who is actually conducting the IPv6 flood attacks, I’ll update the story.

In the mean time it does go to illustrate another point. No matter how good software is, sometimes it can simply be outdated by circumstances that are not foreseen by the authors. Older versions of uTorrent have been working very well for many dissatisfied by the changes brought about by BitTorrent Inc. in the newer editions of that software. But that may be coming to an end.


This is a major blow for all those who have avoided newer versions of uTorrent in favor of older ones, like the very popular uTorrent 2.2.1. Even if BitTorrent Inc. releases a patch for their software, it won’t include a solution for those older versions.

Funny thing is I never noticed my torrents having problem? There are legit uses for utorrent as well so singling it out is a one sided story in itself and only serves to get more people to use it. One can search and find the older torrent and install those and those are not affected by ivp6 attacks since those aren’t so bloated ware like the v3 are now.


There is no guarantee the older versions won’t be affected coolcolors. Maybe something predating 2.2.1 would not be.

And not everyone is downloading the files that are being flooded with IPv6 addresses, so you can’t judge by your individual experience.

TorrentFreak now states that the IPv6 addresses appear to be false ones that haven’t been assigned yet, and are non-routable.