Time thread?

what time is it now where you are?


didn`t know there was a hour time difference between notts and derby :confused:
anyway its 23:37 here

28th Feb 10.36 AM

11.41 pm

5:49 Pm

1:07 am…and in desperate need for some sleep…less than 5 hrs before I have to get up again…

I know your close, I sense your presence:)
28th Feb 11:09 AM

12:09 Am 28/02/05


2-28-05 18:50

2-28-05 02:04

02-27-2005 @ 6:08:00 pst

6:45 am now… (up for almost an hour already)

11:47pm Central i’m at work so i’m here gotta burn some time :bigsmile:

<<same time as NYmac

28 Febr 2005, 7.00AM


02-28-05 06:18

2005-02-28 8:17

it too damned early here 2-28-05 6:30 a.m. i need to go back to bed…

how about a little fun in the dungeon :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: