Time shift while recording

I can’t seem to pause (Timeshift) a program while it is recording due to a timer. If it is not recording, the timeshift works. This doesn’t make sense to me because it the hardrive is essentially doing the same thing, playing and recording, and it is a very important basic feature.

Anyone know if this can be done? It is a LVW-5045.

Also, I recently found out there is no way to watch a recorded show while recording another which is also a big let down. Again, the unit, since it can do timeshift, shows it does have the physical hardware to handle this. I am surprised people were so enamored with the features of this unit as it is a big step back from the PVR I used to have. Is it possible they can turn these features on in an upgrade and bring this unit into the 21st century?


Press Here For an excellent review of the 5045.

I don’t have a DVD Recorder HDD combo, but use my LVW 5005 or Panasonic ES15 with a replayTV 5000 (DVR).

was there an answer to my questions in there somewhere? I didn’t see it?

I just thought Seán may have found an answer when he reviewed the product
You will have to wait for another users response or [U]contact LiteOn.[/U]
Are you venting about things you don’t like about the product or looking for help to solve a problem?
Liteon is no longer going to make DVD Recorders as of Nov. 2006.
[U]I do not work for LiteOn.[/U]

Sorry about the venting. From the specs when I bought this I thought it could do these features.

I am hoping that since the functionality seems to be there, maybe someone could make a hack to correct this problem.

Even beter would be if Lite-On fixed it with an upgrade but I doubt that would happen.


The user manual (page 30) certainly suggests it can be done just by pressing play & then pause/step when required.

My Pioneer does this very well & I can playback a recorded show whilst recording another.

The LiteOns can’t do 2 things at once.

If you want to watch what you are recording then just press Play while it is recording. If you then want to pause it while you are watching, press Pause. You can’t use TimeShift while it is recording but Play/Pause will have the same effect.


Thanks barfootp,
That is great information that solves 1 major gripe I had. I can’t believe I never tried that.