Time shift buffer blips (Philips DVDR3455H 160 GB Hard Disk/DVD Recorder)

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVDR3455H 160 GB Hard Disk/DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a philips dvdr3455h with a 160hdd and time shift buffer(pause live TV)

The problem is with the time shift buffer. Anything that is recorded goes through the time shift buffer.

So…when I pause live TV and playback I get blips(2-3 seconds are warped) all throughout the recording. Of course this happens if I record directly to the HDD because everything goes through the time shift buffer.

Extremely annoying to miss secords of conversation

I called Philips and the guy I s/w didn’t even know what a time shift buffer was!

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Just in case this bug has been fixed in a firmware update, could you check what software version your DVD/HDD recorder is using? It’s been a few years now since Philips last released an update for this recorder, but still worth checking just in case yours has earlier firmware with this bug.

You can check the current version by going into the setup menu and pressing the following keys in sequence: 3, 2, 1, Select. The last two digits of the version info displayed is the version number you’re using. The latest version number is ‘10’, at least for the US model of your DVD/HDD recorder.

If you have an earlier version, you can download the latest firmware from the Philips website. You can access it as follows:

[li]Go to the Philips support website on this link.[/li][li]Enter “DVDR3455” and click ‘Search’[/li][li]Choose the 2nd link returned (1st link just told me about the Analogue TV cut-off).[/li][li]Click “Software & Drivers” on the left.[/li][/ol]


thanks for your post. I do have the lastest version already of the firmware for the dvd r

today I spoke again w/philips and they recommended I call an authorized service center. I did and that guy said he has never seen the type of problem i have, but to maybe try cable co to check signal etc. He also said if there was a problem with the machine its just better to buy a new dvd recorder because it would be almost as expensive to fix.

s/w cable co and they think it’s the dvd not cable but agreed to come out next week to check

very frustrating–I have gotten so addicted to the pause button since I get interruped at night between the kids and my dog.

Actually there are only 2 times that it bothers me. Tuesday the Mentalist is on and wed criminal minds. Neither of these shows appears anywhere else for full episodes(on demand or on -line)

Oh well. let me know if you have any other suggestions before my husband comes home friday. I think he plans to take apart the machine to see if he can fix anything. Yikes!

Hello, we had the DVDR3575 (I think, next one up from yours). It did the same thing. We finally got it sorted, well, found a workaround. Basically they can’t fix it. It happened with us when the time shift buffer had reached it’s 6 hour limit (ie. the recorder unit had been on for 6 hours). When we rewound to watch a programme, it then intermittintly pauses the picture and cuts out the sound and you miss around 3 seconds of the programme. Philips told us the way around it is to clear the buffer and then watch it! (hello!..if it is cleared, there is nothing to watch!). Anyhow, if you clear it around every 5 hours you should be right. We are trying to find another recorder with a similar feature but to no avail so far. Hope that helps.

I believe you can record the show instead of using the live pause. Once the show is recording you can then start playing the show, even while its recording. Even the skip buttons work, as long as you don’t try to skip ahead into the future. Works the same as the pause live, except you’ll need to delete the recording when you’re done. At least that’s how it goes on my 3575.