Time Setting on Dual Boot PC?

When I setup dual boot Win8.1/WinXP, I changed WinXP time to not adjust for daylight savings time to prevent both Windows versions from adjusting the time and only have Win8.1 do that. Every time I boot WinXP it appears to set back time 1 hour which would be standard time, and Win8.1 doesn’t reset to current time. I just upgraded Win8.1 to Win10 with the same issue for Win10. Are Win8.1 and Win10 supposed to sync PC clock like WinXP does, and is there some setting I can set to have Win10 sync clock since it appears to not be doing it? I could change WinXP back to adjust for daylight savings time which would make it necessary to only change time setting at beginning and end of daylight savings time. I shouldn’t have to do that, but it would be better than resetting time every time I boot to WinXP.