Time for something new (DVD/CD ReWritable Drive)

Hi guys and gals,

I believe now it is time to retire my old Sony DVD/CD ReWritable drive to a more modern and up to date one. You see my Sony DRU-500A (with upgrades) has served me well through the years. I mainly used it to back up my movies and software I have purchased.

Well it seems now it can’t read any movie disk and I hear a scratching noise as I guess the lens is steady trying to read the media and has no luck. I end up with “Please insert disk into drive”. Now I have seen a number of folks here swear by the Pioneer 115D as a good writer. Is it a good reader as well. Will it let me do it all ie…backup PC games, movies, and any software I own? I realize that I need the right software to backup certain types of disks but just wanted to know if that drive or maybe another model will suit my needs.

Also, would it be to much if I was to get a second drive ( DVD ROM ) and use it as a reader (let me know a good one of these) along with the Pioneer?


Opps Could someone put this under the correct forum area for me as I thought I was still under the DVD/CD hardware forum.


Can I recommend a Sony DRU 830 or 840A. I would recommend a Pioneer DVR-112D if your gonna buy that brand, but as always look for the sales! There will be more posts I sure on recommendations but the drive with the best price will win every time!:iagree:

Thanks for the info. I see where the Sony’s are pretty expensive huh? Are they good at reading as well?

I paid 29 dollars each for both of mine at Fry’s. Thats why I use them, reading okay, they are my burners. I use my LG for reading.

While that is a good price as I did a search and the cheapest I saw was $65 and Amazon. Which LG is a good reader?