Time for new burner (only reads 10x)

after about 600 backups and maybe 100 playbacks within 7 months, i think my Nec ND-6500A has bit the dust.

it only reads at 10x and writes 24x (using Nero Infotool). w/o a disk in the drive, it says 24x read.

DVD shrink used to be 35 mins, now it’s 95 mins and i can’t use other programs like i used to.

only thing i did before this happened was to install a game (Splinter Cell).

You may want to read this article:

Mentioned in this post by cnilson:


interesting article on Starforce.

my problem just happened after i installed UBISOFT’s “Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell”.

i ran virus checkers. then deactivated a bunch of crap in my config.sys but same problem. it keeps stepping down to PIO. last thing i did (i think) was to uninstall this UBISoft game. and later…after the last reboot (of at least 30), my DVD writer is back to normal.

how can i check if Starforce is on my system? thanks

Only a new clean OS installtion can make this SF crap really disappear…

this sucks. reading that article, it named UBI Soft as one of the users of this Starforce destructive MALWARE.

and my problems happened right after i installed the UBIsoft game, Splinter Cell. it did what the article said. it downgraded my IDE driver to PIO. and i bought this game too (not pirated).

but i guess it sensed my using DVD Shrink & Decrypter? and triggered this malware to purposefully destroy my DVD writer?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

Wow! We are getting free Viruses and malware with our purchase! Very nice! Not!