Time for a stupid poll



I had a strange morning and suddenly I realised that everytime I have to take a shit I always, and I mean always, have to pee. :confused:

When I have to pee I not always have to take a shit, but when I have to take a shit I always have to pee.

Is this just me?
Is this normal and didn’t I pay enough attention during biology?

So do you have to pee when you have to take a shit??? :confused:


I doubt it’s weird.
It makes sense to get it all over with at the same time, rather than making an extra trip :wink:

Edit Um, yeah, this has gotta rate close to the top for stupid polls, right up there with the “Do you like midget porn” poll*/edit*


ermm… right…



But you don’t have to pee when you have to take a shit??


What do you think, will Mr. B., Airhead or Womble beat me or did I just posted the stupidest poll on CDFreaks ever? :stuck_out_tongue:


damn…namoh…u really like to tell everything…i just hope you don’t go further then this…who know’s what could be next…


it is normal but i knew this one dude everytime he took a shit and had to pee he got up off the shitter to take a piss then sat back down … now that is stupid.


LMAO… :stuck_out_tongue:
Tears are running…LMAO!!!

Man that was a good one. IF you are ever in my nic of the woods, beers on me…LMAO :iagree:


So its true as men get older they do get obsessed with there bowels :eek: :Z


Women with their outside apperance for their entire lives, so what’s your point? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


my point is i didnt make a thread about what we are obsessed with :stuck_out_tongue: hehee
(then again did i mean to make a point i think not)


Perhaps it’s time for a men vs. women poll ? :slight_smile:


nah whats the point:p we would win tits up :wink:


Mmmmm…tits up!


blimey lol how can a thread go from shit to tits:|


Only needs a slight change at the start.


I dont think you have to, I mean, I you went for a piss, but not a shit, then went back 1 minute later you wouldnt piss, but could still shit.

Personally I dont see the point in making 2 trips when they can so easily be made into 1, so yes, I do.

Ben :slight_smile:


no comments about this pool …


no comments about this pool …

“refer to above”