Time for a new burner.....nec2500a is getting worn out



i have had this nec2500a(hacked firmware making it a DL drive) since it came out and now it is having trouble reading media, any type, even pressed dvds. i have probably read/burned at least 1000 dvds on this piece of equipment and it is showing its age. it is to the point that i need to read any type of media on my wifes t42 dvd-rom drive and then transfer the files over to my machine since she only has a rom, not a rw.

my requirements are not too many, i can get media from costco, sams club, best buy, compusa, basically anywhere i can find the “made in japan” stuff. drive sound is not an issue and the optical drive will not be used in an enclosure. my main goal is for it to create dvds that can be read by a vast variety of home set dvd players along with pc drives. i use premiere and encore for creation, along with dvd-decrypter, dvdshrink and nero 7.x for my backing up. no xbox or ps2 stuff.

i have read around here and it appears the the benqs get good results.

i guess my only main requirement is that the drive is black, thats about it. i have a choice of the anything on this page that is ~$50US or less (oem as i have any software that is needed along with cables, etc) - http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=ENE&N=2010100005+1036506653+1038406818+1038206813&Subcategory=5&description=&srchInDesc=&minPrice=&maxPrice=&ATTR1=&ATTR2=&ATTR3=2010100005+1036506653&ATTR4=&ATTR5=&ATTR6=&ATTR7=&ATTR8=&ATTR9=&ATTR10=&ATTR11=&ATTR12=&ATTR13=&ATTR14=2010100005+1038406818&ATTR15=&ATTR16=&ATTR17=2010100005+1038206813

i have read good reviews around here on the benqs, but if you could verify that the 1655 is a good drive, then i will get it. lightscribe is something i will probably never use, but no biggie as i can’t get a 1650.

last, i have no brand loyalty as i like to get the best bang for the buck and with optical drives, the quality of burn is important so that customers with many different types of readers, either pc or home players can read it.

thanks in advance for you knowledge and assistance with this matter,


I just bought a 1655. My initial impression is… it is (arguably) a better burner than 1620 (I already had one) but probably a worse reader.

NEC 2500 was one of the best writer but it also was the worst reader I’ve ever had. :slight_smile: So even 1655 is way better than 2500 in reading. So I think Benq 16xx series is the way to go.

By the way, even if your 2500 has trouble reading things it may still serve as a good writer (at least for slow media). If you end up buying 16xx, try to scan old discs burned by 2500 and see if the recent discs are worse in their quality.


I have a BenQ1655 and its the best I have had. If not interested in Lightscribe then a 1650 will save money.


thanks for the info. the 2500 is getting to the point where the burns are bad too. i can’t even burn cds with it without issues. my home dvd player is having issues along with friends dvd players. i think the 2500’s days are over…R.I.P.


where can i pick up a 1650? i can’t find it a newegg and that is the place i have used for a long time.


They are not too difficult to find the England and Europe but I think not easy in the US


Its not a popular drive for retailers for some reason. The 1655 seems to be much easier to find


i guess i will go with a 1655. and since i am out of media, what media at newegg would you recommend? guess i should say -r, and with some type of lable as i either use a sharpie or create a label from cdstomper…

again, thanks in advance


Verbatim or TY (Taiyo Yuden) media is best (-r or +r)

Stay Away from Ritek G05

Never use a label on DVDs or CDs as it causes balancing issues which lowers the quality of the media significantly.

Use a sharpie, a cd/dvd printer (with printable discs) or use Lightscribe media.


Wait for HD-DVD or Blu-ray, i have a 2500,3500,1640 and they all still work great, and ive burned thousands of blanks on them all.


Unless you have a great sense of humor don’t even think of cdstomper or any other paper label product. :Z :Z :Z

There really ought to be a society for the prevention of cruelty to DVDs

also I think benQ still really prefers +R Try yuden000T02 printable and a good ink jet printer


can’t wait, i am cheap and wont be moving to hd-dvd or blu-ray until they are ~$50 anyway. so i did go ahead and order the benq1655 along with a pack of verbatim dvd-rs.

as far as the paper label, i have used them for about 8yrs and never had an issue with them. the issues i am experiencing now are are from non-labeled discs, that is why i think the burning is not performing well.

thanks all for the suggestion :slight_smile: