Time for a little shameless self promotion

Several years ago I asked a few of the mods here at MyCE to read through my first novel. Reactions were modestly encouraging, but I’ve gone on to write four more since then without trying to publish any of them.

The first novel is the beginning of a trilogy, though I never intended for it to go that far. And now I’ve self published the darn thing in the Kindle store at Amazon.

If you are interested, you can read through the first couple of chapters there. Fair warning, I’ve done all the editing myself. :roll_eyes:

Another warning, it is a very light read, an adventure-romance set on another world, so maybe not your style.

In any case, the title is Mahti: The Power Volume 1. It is my hope someone out there will enjoy it, I know that when I first wrote the story, it came flowing out so fast I could hardly keep up with my typing. Making it into something close to readable took a lot longer.!!

Ebook cover with rapier reduced size

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Do you have a link? A Google search didn’t get me anywhere.


I’ve also got a paperback edition now, if anyone is interested, and I’m working to get the other two of the trilogy in the Kindle section of Amazon. The first one can be read as a stand alone, it doesn’t leave you hanging.

The Kindle software screwed up my title page in the paperback, but everything else looks good. So no, I didn’t intentionally stick the title off to the right.

Ok, last unsolicited entry from me into this thread. All three are available now, in electronic and paperback formats. You can see my author page, and links to all of them here.

Thanks for looking.


I think you are a really good writer. Finished the 1 st and bought the other 2


Kerry this is fantastic! Very well done and congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks guys. I appreciate the support.

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The second book was great reading the third one now.
Keep up the good work.