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My first computer build (way back when) was from all parts from Tigerdirect. Their prices are very good, but their shipping cost seems to be a bit on the high side. Other very reputable online sites are Newegg.com, Chiefvalue.com (I believe they are owned by Newegg) , ZipZoomFly.com, and Frys.com

My view there seems to be 2 people stating [U]The service was problematic and some problems that arose were not solved[/U] but no reply to actually why. I hear horror stories from this site so I voted The service was problematic and some problems that arose were not solved.

Now why are there 2 others saying that but no reply to why?

I bought two printers from them with extended service agreements. When one of them died, dealing with Tigerdirect was hell. The extended warranty was carried by a third party and Tigerdirect accepted no responsibility. While this was several years ago, they lost me as a customer.

While I have not had a direct experience with their rebates, my understanding is that they are not customer oriented. Bottom line, there are many other retailer/e-tailers who go the extra mile and earn repeat business.

The service was with no complaints

have bought RAM a few times and my first dvd burner. received in perfect condition.

I have always (in the past) received my rebates. Shipping was reasonable since it was from a state away from me.

I have bought from TigerDirect many times with no problems at all. I just received a order
from them the other day and I always get same day order processing and same day shipping
and receive my order within 2 days of it shipping from them. I can’t really comment on how
good or bad their customer service is as I’ve never had to contact them about anything yet.


Had a really bad customer service issue with them over a Toshiba A3 that I bought from them as a birthday present for a friend-

Called the order desk and was assured that the unit was in stock - ordered it right then and there

After a week - and not hearing from them - called customer service and was told that the item was not in stock and they had canceled my order

Immediately bought the exact same item from Amazon (cheaper)

Three weeks later - I see a charge of $9.95 and $16 shipping for a DVD that was [I]included[/I] in the original deal

Called to complain - was told that they would stop the shipment and refund my money (that I had [I]NOT[/I] authorized them to charge to my card)

DVD arrived at my friends house a couple of days later - called customer service - they said to have friend keep DVD and they would refund all monies

They refunded all but $10 of the shipping fee-

I wrote this same complaint on www.resellerratings.com and only then did they refund all my money-

Will I buy from them again - [B]NO!![/B]

Why? Read above - really careful-eh!!

I’ve purchased a few items from TD over the years…maybe 1/2 dozen or so. Their prices were decent and they had the items I needed in-stock.

I never had a problem, but then again, I never had any issues and never had to deal with customer service/support.

I have bought a few things from them and it has been a great experience!

One item came to me broken but they just sent me a new one.

I have probably spent around $8,000 at Tigerdirect.com over the last 10 years. They always priced matched qand beat anyprice, have given me excellent customer service. They have many times “adjusted” their shiping charge when I reminded them I was a long term customer. They accepted a return on a Toshiba LCD projector, even though Toshiba wanted to give me another one, and referred me to their supplier for a Sanyo which they did not have in stock.

I have nothing but good things to say about them. The Reps are personable. I always speak to a rep when I purchase something. I never purchase from the website. That’s what I like about Tigertdirect.com, there is always someone you can talk too.

I have never had a problem they couldn’t fix and any shipping charges were more than made up on future purchases.

Sometimes people forget, everything is negotiable.
I would highly recommend them.

I never had a problem with them.

Mr.Bill :slight_smile:

also no problems … delivery (for me) seems a little slower

I just got a 600 pack of TYG02 (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3398481&CatId=405) from them and I’m very satisfied with the quality, as you can see from the scan (note that my NEC is not a very good scanner). I got even better results with my Pioneer 115D, but I didn’t save a scan for it.
The six tubes came in what I believe to be the original Taiyo Yuden box.