TigerDirect selling Khypermedia DW800a/DW822a rebadge for $39.99US/$54.99Cdn?

Anybody want to buy a really cheap BenQ 822 rebadge?

Here are the two TigerDirect links one US and one Canadian:

  1. US $39.99


  1. Canadian $54.99


What do you guys think - is this a rebadged BenQ DW800A drive? If so, do you think we would have any trouble upgrading the firmware to the latest B3JC 822 firmware (or possibly the double layer firmware)?

They’re so cheap I’m thinking of picking up a couple of extras!

Also, this might be just the ticket for some of the more frusterated users in the LiteOn forum!

There is a thread somewhere around regarding these. i for one have a khypermedia/BenQ800@822, but not all Khypermedias are of the BenQ variety. Made in malyasia is the one you want…I think.


that one is not a benq, it’s the cyberdrive.
not worth getting. officemax has sale for the khpermedia drives wich some are benq and you can check for yourself. its $30 after $35 mir.


The ones that say china are cyberdrives (from posts I’ve seen).

that is correct plus the cyberdrive read speed is 8x and the benq is 12x. also most benq come with record now software while cyberdrive usualy come with nero. as mentioned cyberdrives are made in china and benq are made in malaysia.

I have both of these drives and they are both great + writers. The Cyberdrive does have a dual format firmware availble (for free). I have not had great success with either drive doing -r/rw burns so I leave that to my NEC 2510, but all +'s get burn with one of these.

One thing I really need to know about this drive.
It is said that China builds are Cyberdrives and Malaysia builds are BENQ.
BENQ come with Recordnow and Cyberdrives come with Nero.

My question is: Are both of these drives based off the Phillips chipset?
After reading this article: http://www.neoseeker.com/resourcelink.html?rlid=84869
I had the impression my drive was a Cyberdrive, because I opened my casing and found the Phillips chipset.

But I did not receive Nero software, I received SonicRecordNow ver. 6.5.
My drive is made in Malaysia.

B.T.W. what model BENQ is this drive…model 800A?
I thought the 800A could be firmwared to support dual-layer, or was that just dual format +/- DVD’ssupport?

Ok go to your My Computer icon and right click and select Properties and go to your Device Manager and and look and see what your device manger calls your burner and also see if you can see what firmware you have. You can also download CD-DVD Speed or DVDInfoPro as these will tell yuo what burner you have. If you have a DW800A there is a hack that will make it a DW822A and then you may be able to do DL.

thx Hef, I will try this software soon
If I do have the BENQ like everyone here is saying, I will search the forums for the DW800A hack.

By the way, both of these drives do use the same chipset.