Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Hey all!

Anyone have a successful backup of this game? Anyone able to explain how they did it?


No need to backup if you have the original.

Even IF they get bad, the company who released it will send you an replacement!

don’t you have to pay shipping and all that jazz on it?

really??? you mean if you lost the disk they would send you a new one?

If you have the bill - why not?

chef, i’m not saying i don’t believe you, but that can be abused in SO many ways.

“hi, i lost/broke my disc. can i have a new one. here’s the receipt”

they send new disc…original purchaser’s buddy has brand new copy for free while the original disc is still in working condition.

is this replacement policy common for video/computer games and do they have something in place to discourage people from taking advantage of the policy? I’m not a gamer so I would have no idea…

Surely if that were true many unscrupilous people would mail EA claiming they lost their copy get another one for free and then sell it for £$€?

I can understand say Microsoft sending you a new install CD for Windows/Office as it’s the license key and C of A you have paid for and the software requires activation, but if you buy a game you pay for the game.

Backing up most PC games requires a cracked .exe of some sort to get around the copy protection. I have no moral objection to this as long as that person is using the crack on a copy he/she owns.

We are not allowed to direct you to cracks for any software. All I can say is if you do go down this route make sure you virus scan any patch/hack/crack you use and also please only use this method if you have and plan to retain the original!

Edit: reasonsnotrules beat me to the point. I agree :iagree:

More info needed if we are to help you.

Is it a cd or dvd?

What copy protection does it use? [Scan with A-Ray scanner to find out.]

What burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s do you have?

I know that could be abused, but almost anything can or could these days…
Probably they have to send in the defective disc(s) too. :rolleyes:

Game Title: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Game Version:
Developer: Headgate Studios
Publisher: EA Sports
Region of Origin: US Retail
CD(s): 3CD

Copy Protection: SafeDisc 4.50.000 + serial no., Only CD3 is protected

and this is the burner i have:


Can’t say I know that much about the safedisc cd burning capabilities of Asus dvd burners. However, if they are similar to Asus cd burners then it is likely that it will be able to make a copy that will work from almost any drive except the Asus itself.

Using a cdrw to test, try reading and writing with alcohol first with the plain old safedisc datatype settings. Use relatively low speeds, say no higher than 16x (particularly for writing as Asus drives aren’t noted for their quality cd writing).

If that doesn’t work then try with safedisc 2/3 datatype settings.


  1. If you want to run the back-up copy from a writer you will need to enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation settings before doing so (not necessary if you run the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

  2. As it is an EA Sports game it will be hotwired to run only from its installation drive (unless you edit your registry).