Tiger Direct paid my rebate

I’ve posted this on my original thread, but I want to make sure Tiger Direct gets credit for making this right.

Thank you Tiger Direct.

My other post …

I have good news to report on this issue with Tiger Direct and Soyo.

Tiger Direct has paid my $70 rebate.

I received an email last month from a rep with Tiger Direct. He asked me for more information on my claim. Today, I got see where I have a $70 credit on my credit card from Tiger Direct.

Its good to know that someone will do the right thing. Even though it took pulling teeth and finally talking to someone who can help.

I still strongly suspect that Soyo is the real culprit in this issue.

I almost bought something from tigerdirect a month or two ago that had a rebate. I decided not to because of what I had been reading in this forum. I’ve had too many problems and hassles on the phone with mail in rebates to want to mess with it. I am glad you got your rebate but what about all those people who do not have resourses like cdfreaks or don’t have the time or don’t know how to argue well enough to get their rebate when it “accidentally” gets lost.

What worries me about their guarantee is that you have to pay extra money to have it registered and to have a card signed and returned back to you. That would be the only way to have “proof”. That cuts into the rebate deal and may not be worth it.

My best buy rebate for my plextor 740a was entered on their website and I got my $30 bucks pretty fast without spending any money on stamps, registered mail or returned signed cards.

I would think that an online company would have the capabilities to do something like that online to help assist you with your rebates.

Best Buy and Staples are the ONLY rebates i mess with. No hassle,no stamps. Had very good luck with both :iagree:

I love eRebates from Staples, no cutting boxes/barcode/upc. No stamps wasted, and email confirmation is the hard proof. All rebates should be like Staples eRebates.