Wish to copy ‘saving private ryan’ (I62mins) should I use 'shrink or ‘1click dvd copy’ or other software…what did you use?
any help appreciated!

Shrink would be my first choice. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Shrink or maybe clonedvd would be personally my choice. Much better for longer movies like this dvd rebuilder or the faster way backup on a double layer disc.

Cheers…and Thanks for help also a quick reply

Shrink might not need as much compression if you just do the main movie, and remove any un-needed audio streams/subtitles…it is a long movie though, forgot that! :doh:

Edit: I like CloneDVD2, too :iagree:


You could split the movie or you could try dvd-rebuilder with hc encoder.

With clonedvd2 I can get it to 71%

If you have a normal sized TV using shrink or CloneDVD2 backing up only the movie and only the audio stream you need will give great results on this movie. However, if you have a humungus (sp?) HD LCD or 102 inch projector you will notice the difference from the original. If that is the case as suggested above use a DL disc or split the movie over 2 discs!