Tiberian sun problem

Ive installed tiberian sun on my laptop which uses xp profesional. It doesnt say there’s been any problems in the installation process but when i try to play the game i do not see the opening where the westood logo comes up or the start screen for tiberian sun, then when it does work i cannot see any of the options of gameplay, ive tried updating tiberian sun using the westwood auto update which worked fine but it still hasnt changed the problem, anybody have any ideas?

Contacted EA Support already?

Welcome to the Forum rob! The game Tiberian Sun was made for Win 98, if you are having problems running it in XP you can try uninstalling it and when you install it again XP has an option for installing older games under 98 compatibility mode. You might need to select it when installing the game. You can try it and see if it works.

I think there is a patch floating around that makes it work on XP. I thought it was the same patch that makes Red Alert II work.

well i installed it on my desktop which uses XP home and it was fine but ill try installing with the 98 compatability, thanks all who replied

I trie with the compatibility settings changed but i have the same problem. any more ideas?..westwood support is s**t