Tiberian Sun backup (old hey?)


  1. I tried using cdrwin with the specs of the generic safedisc that i read in your forum and i got the error :

unable to read sector errors 806-836 0:1:0
illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 64h 00h)

what does it all mean?

  1. It seems to copy fine with my nero, although it reads at my cd rom spd of 52x and to me that seems like it wouldn’t catch the errors. Maybe my problem with cdrwin is that i have 3 software apps on my computer (nero, cdrwin, clonecd) which is best.

  2. I have a backup copy of firestorm expansion burnt off of my nero, it seems to have burnt all right, and it seems to have safedisc protection, but the generic safedisc emulator v4.1 doesn’t run it.

  3. Thank you for your time.


Hiya Churchill!

In order…

  1. It may be that your Source CD isn’t all that friendly with read errors. If you were using a normal CD drive then I suggest switching to your writer to read the CD. The bit about Illegal Command Request remainds me of an old CDRWin crashing problem I had when writing so try getting the latest version from Goldenhawk. I used the BlindRead/CDRWin combination to read/write this game respectively and it works fine (even without safedisk patch/crack).

  2. For copying CDs then I’d definately say CDRWin (now that it’s stopped crashing on me ). For backing up files from my HD then I’d go with Nero as it’s easier to set the disk layout (directories & stuff).

  3. I haven’t any experience with Firestorm but as I’ve said above, I used BlindRead to read the disk image and CDRWin to write the disk for TS and it works fine (without a patch or anything). If you wanna use the generic process patcher then try getting hold of the latest version! The only other thing I can suggest is that instead of using a generic process patcher (like the one you’re using now) get specific patches and patch the game before you burn it.

  4. You’re most welcome !

Hope this helps a bit!



hi again, i’m not familiar with the cdrwin/blindread that your talking about. is that an option that i’ve just been missing?


BlindRead is a program that enables you to Dump an ISO image into your Hard drive. Upon dumping this ISO, you go to CDRWIN, Load the CueSheet (the txt file that BlindRead made when dumping the ISO) and then commence burning…

Here’s where to get those programs

BlindRead: http://www.blindread.com

CDrWin: http://www.goldenhawk.com

Any more questions, feel free to ask

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There is also now a new program by teh creator of BlindRead: BlindWrite.

But another question, you say:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>i have 3 software apps on my computer (nero, cdrwin, clonecd) which is best<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So you have CloneCD. This program is the best when it comes to copyin’ games. For SafeDisc just use the fast error skip enabled and voila, no problems at all

The only problem is that the RAW writing method CloneCD uses has te be supported by your burner…