THX speakers


To go with my new SB Audigy 2zs I was looking at some good THX speakers

Logitech Z5300e


Klipsch ProMedia GMX D5.1
I can get these at a local shop for $180

So which ones should I get?


The Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 THX Certified Speaker System seems to be better, at least, in specs. However, I like the design of the Klipsch ProMedia GMX D5.1 speaker. I’d get the Logitech ones thought, but that’s me :slight_smile:

One of the best:

And my favorite manufacturer:
(No THX certified speakers, though)

I have the same sound card and the Klipsch ProMedia GMX D5.1. I got them on clearence ($99.99) but i don’t think they are THX certified. They sound great however. Very good sound but i think you have to step up to these if you want Klipsch THX certified >

I use Klipsch 2.1 THX certified speakers and they kick ass. I recomend any THX speaker systems from Klipsch because they are very good.

mrloren > What did you end up getting? If you don’t mind me asking

get a HT reciever and single set speakers, like I have. With that sound card the quality is unreal in games , movies, etc. HL2 has to be heard to believed on a killer PC sound rig!


why use a $99 pair if you have a good sound card.$99 speakers wont cut it. Theyd be crappy.

That’s what i’m asking…Why use that setup for a HT? I use my cheap Audigy 2 ZS for my pc. Why would anyone use a cheap sound card for a real HT?

i have Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1s paired with my Audigy2ZS Plat - sound quality is amazing. not too good for an apt though cause i’ve had neighbors ask me to turn down the bass more than once :wink:

drpino > Nice choice of sound card and speakers! I never thought of someone in an apt. Guess that’s what boobytrap was getting at. Klipsch > Once you use the best you never go back to the rest :wink:

thanks rolling :iagree: about klipsch but they don’t hold the same weight amongst serious audiophiles (but they look down upon any piece of audio equipment that doesn’t cost at least $1000 :rolleyes: )

frankly, i don’t know what he’s getting at… :confused:

since i’ve been living in an apt (several years now), i haven’t found the need for a stereo/HT…especially with this setup…i listen to music and watch movies on it (20.1in LCD).

keep in mind that THX is mostly overrated - it’s simply a certification by LucasFilms. one of the few diffs btw THX and non-THX is the speaker calibration process. most ppl either don’t know how to, don’t bother with and/or simply are unable to achieve the ideal placement for their speakers.

I got the Z5300e’s and these thing rock. my wife is kind of pissed I think but I can not hear what she is saying!!! These are good for music and great for games COD is live, so is HL2